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CPS in Detail

  • Company Profile

    Cozym Process Systems (CPS) is a family of young and talented Engineers, Consultants and Technocrats, with tentacles embedded in a diverse range of engineering professions. More specifically, our core competencies are in the areas of: Feasibility Studies, Front End and Detailed Engineering Designs, Materials Procurement, Fabrication and Construction Management, Operations and Integrity Management as well as Engineering Project Management.

    Our journey began in April 2012, when we incorporated the company and commenced business in the Energy sector. First by delivering small scale engineering design support (as sub-contractors) to the major oil and gas industry players. Secondly, by embedding our personnel at clients’ locations as technical support staff to ongoing projects. Latching on to the wings of more established companies allowed us entry into the market, while giving us the opportunity to hone our skills the more. Subsequently we confirmed our technical strength in the areas of Water Treatment & Waste water Management, Electronic Bill board design for Media Communications, Pipeline Capacity Checks and other hydrocarbon systems – to mention a few. With more than 10 major projects under our belt, Cozym Process Systems (CPS) now stands as an independent entity, providing low cost but yet efficient engineering systems to our clients. These solutions of course follow industry specifications and guidelines.

    Our corporate office is located in Lagos, Nigeria with the flexibility to expand to meet project requirements. We also operate a virtual office for (and of) high level professionals, who are not resident in the locality of our office and as the project dictates. We also manage strong communication networks with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the United States and Asia. This allows for prompt delivery of equipment/materials that are unique to your specific project needs, as well as effortless troubleshooting-post commission, should the need arise.

    CPS has enjoyed steady growth since inception; our full-time staff strength gives us the ability to leverage multiple competencies while providing fit for purpose engineering solutions. This in turn guarantees the ultimate trust of our clients and business associates- a trend we are very proud of and are working assiduously to sustain.

  • Purpose of Company

    Our Vision remains to inspire generations by continuously deepening our footprint of technical prowess into the sands of engineering across the globe; and build a legacy of excellent service driven by the conviction of professionalism, sustainability, integrity and dependability; all with a cost effective mindset, that brings economic value to clients.

    As a respected engineering firm, we have a duty to make every client’s project move forward and upward, one step at a time.

    As a technology hub for personnel, our prime responsibility is to make working at CPS a fun and productive venture that contributes to the professional development of each and every member of the CPS team.

  • Core Values

    • Integrity
    • Reliability
    • Detail